Aussie Webhost (Aus) (ABN 76 990 304 671 ) is the proprietor of Aussie Webhost here after referred to as “the hosting service” The Terms of Service agreement is a representation of the rights each customer is provided in accordance to the rights of the hosting service.

We reserve the right to change the Terms of Service without prior notification with the exception of affecting a customer’s billing. In an instance of billing changes, the customer will be notified at least 14 days prior to the billing change and provided the right to cancel their account should the change be an unacceptable part of our Terms of Service to the customer. Australia linux web site hosting.

Refund Policy

  • First Month” Refunds (30 Day Money Back Guarantee):-Any requests for a refund during the initial 30 days of the establishment of an account will be honored with no questions asked. A full refund will be provided.
  • Monthly Renewal:-Refund requests made in the duration of the first week of the account will be provided in full, a reason for the account closure would be appreciated, but is not required. Refund requests made after the first week of service will receive a proportionate amount, based on the remaining weeks of the service and the service already provided.
  • The customers agrees not to take part of in any manner or be involved in the transmission, distribution or storage of any material (data) using their hosting space and account which violates Australian Law, International Law, their home law, and United States Laws; such materials could be, but are not limited to:
  • Quarterly, Biannual and Annual Renewal:- Any refund requests during a quarterly, biannual or annual account duration will be provided for the remaining period of the hosting service. The service duration used is not included in the refund. The refund amount will be proportionate depending on the time of request.
  • Restrictions to the above:If the hosting service paid an affiliate whom the customer was referred by, the customer acknowledges they will not receive the amount paid to the affiliate in their refund. The amount varies depending on the commission percent and payment duration of the customer.
  • Domains purchased are non-refundable.Free Domains provided as a special are not included in a hosting account refund, the price of the domain is subtracted from the refund. The domain can be transferred at any time.

Network Policy

  • Security:-Hosting services provided are on a “as is” basis; The customer agrees that the use of the services is solely at their own risk. Responsibility for the security and durability of the customers content stored on the hosting services servers is the customers responsibility. We will do our best to ensure a stable and secure hosting environment for all customers, but assume no responsibility in the maintenance and security of the content stored by any individual customer.
  • Uptime:-Server availability and access is maintained as close to 100% as possible; In cases where the server is unavailable a proportionate refund is available if server uptime is less than 97.5% in any given month. Server Uptime does not include third party interferences, including, but not limited to: DNS propagation, the Customer’s Internet Service Provider, the Customer computer Equipment, natural disasters and Third Party Programs installed. In the event of a third party interference being responsible (listed above) the customer acknowledges they have no right to a proportionate refund, with the exception of the refund clauses above.
  • Backups:-CPanel produces daily backups of each customer’s domain and data which is available through the customer CPanel account; these backups are stored on the server the customers account resides in. The customer acknowledges that these backups are provided as a benefit to them and are not stored off the server their account resides in; The customer agrees that the hosting service is not responsible for any data loss in any event unless a explicit agreement is made between the hosting service and the customer in which the hosting services agrees to secure and store the customer data off the hosting server in which the customers data originally resides.

Support Policy

  • Customer Entitlement:-The hosting service acknowledges that the customer has a right to reasonable support, which can be defined as: “Willful help, assistance and resolution in relation to a hosting problem”. However, the customer agrees that the hosting service is not responsible for providing support for third party software and customer’s computer problems. The hosting service will provide error free hosting and will resolve any problem on the hosting service’s servers.
  • Additional Support:-We will gladly try to help and be of assistance to any issue relating to your hosting, including design and scripting. The customer acknowledges if a support request is unreasonable or the problem is on the customer’s computer or related to their Internet Service Provider or another Third Party, the hosting service has the right to refuse providing support.
  • Support Limitations:-Personal Hosting & Reseller Hosting: Support is provided by MSN, E-Mail and Support Tickets. Telephone Support is not provided. Support provided is limited to one person, the account owner only.
  • Business Hosting: Support is provided by MSN, E-Mail, Support Tickets and Telephone support.

Software Policy

  • cPanel:-Is included in all shared & reseller hosting plans, and VPS plans where marked.
  • Fantastico:- Is included in all shared & reseller hosting plans, and VPS plans where marked.
  • RvSkin:-Is included in all shared & reseller hosting plans, and VPS plans where marked.
  • Client Exec:-Is included in reseller hosting plans, and VPS plans where marked. Client Exec is provided free of charge for a nominated period of months, after which it is available for $10.00 AUD per month Licenses are non transferable and are delegated to your account only


  • Agree to Release:- The customer agrees to indemnify the hosting service, our contractors, employees and keep the business harmless from all liabilities, claims and expenses, including but not limited to: Solicitor Fees, damages, Internet Connection Fees, and all other third party fees that may arise as a result of the customers usage of the hosting service.
  • Violations:-The customer agrees that in the event that they violate the Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy the hosting service reserves the right to terminate their account without providing a refund.
  • Refusal Of Service:-The hosting service reserves the right to refuse service to any person, group, organization or business without providing a reason.
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