Certain information is obtained when a hosting account is purchased and maintained. This information is relevant to the services provided and the customer has access to this information within the Customer Area or by request. Information obtained may include but is not limited to: Australia unix web hosting

i) Contact Details;

Phone Number
E-Mail Address

ii) Domain Details;

Domain Name

Use of Information

Aussie Webhost uses all information that is collected while providing services, strictly for the benefit of the customer, to carry out the transactions you have requestedand for the services provided. For Example, This information may be used to maintain contact to customers and inform of service interruptions and account notices. We require an E-Mail address and phone number for emergency contact to carry out these transactions successfully for your satisfaction.

We may share customer information with partner companies when a customer has requested a service or product provided by that company. The information given will only be that which is necessary to implement the service or product requested.

Disclosure of Information

Information acquired is stored for the duration of the hosting account. Information is not given out to any third parties with the exception of if a legal order is given to release the information. If such a case eventuated, the situation where the customer involved will receive notification of the legal order, and acknowledges that we must abide by such order.

Data quality

We use our maximum endeavours to maintain the accuracy and quality of the information collected about you. However, should personal information that we hold during the term of service we are providing about you change, it is your responsibility to bring the changes to our attention which you may do by email to the Privacy Officer at [email protected]

Accessing your personal information

As per our Privacy Policy, You have right to access any personal information we hold for you subject to some exceptions. You may have the ability to view or edit some of your personal information on-line, using methods that will require you to utilise your credentials. However, if you are unable to edit or update your information, then you can contact us to request a copy of your personal information by emailing our Privacy Officer at [email protected]. The Privacy Officer shall attend to your request on a confidential basis within 30 days of the request being received.

Privacy Practices and our Privacy Officer

If you require any additional information about this policy and/or its implementation, or if you have a complaint regarding privacy-related issues at Net Logistics, please contact our Privacy Officer. You may do so using the following contact information:
By e-mail: [email protected]
By telephone: 1300 658 051
By Mail: PO Box 8055, Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153, Australia
Our Privacy Officer shall contact you back within 30 days of the request being received.

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