Aussie Webhost (Aus) the proprietor of hereafter referred to as “the hosting service”

The Acceptable Use Policy is an agreement that the customer agrees to respect and abide by for the duration of their payable account with the hosting service.

We reserve the right to change the Acceptable Use Policy without prior notification.

Prohibited Usage

The customer agrees not to take part of in any manner or be involved in the transmission, distribution or storage of any material (data) using their hosting space and account which violates Australian Law, International Law, their home law, and United States Laws; such materials could be, but are not limited to:

  • “Pirated Software”, “Warez”, “kracks”, “cracks”, “serial numbers”, “hacking”, “virii”.
  • Material protected by copyright, trademarks, trade secrets and intellectual property of which the customer does not have a legal right to use, store or distribute.
  • Unsolicited E-Mail (“Spam”)
  • Ficticious “Internet Scams”.

The customer agrees that in the case of any prohibited material being transmitted, distributed or stored by them, they are solely liable for any resulting action caused by their usage of the hosting service and will fully indemnify the hosting service for all damages and expenses incurred by the hosting service in connection with such usage. We will cooperate with any law enforcement agency investigating the usage of a customer whom violates this agreement.

The customer agrees their usage of the hosting service and their programs used on the hosting service must be reasonable in the shared hosting environment and such usage will not disturb, reduce or prohibit the reasonable usage of another customer.

The customer agrees not to use our network to host any type of IRC service.

The customer agrees that if they violate this policy they revoke their right to any form of refund.

Adult Content

The customer agrees not to transmit, store, or distribute any pornographic material through the hosting services provided. Pornographic material is strictly forbidden regardless of type and any transmission.

Storage or distribution of pornographic material immediately entitles the hosting service to end all relationship with the customer without penalty to the hosting service.

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