Which hosting service should I choose for my WordPress site – WordPress hosting or regular hosting?

By Aussie WebHost | Posted in Web Hosting

Is it necessary to get WordPress hosting for a WordPress website? This question would come to your mind, if you have a WP site. In order to get the best, you could go with special WordPress hosting but little do you know that even the regular web hosting service would work for your site.

Here’re is a quick comparison of WordPress and Regular hosting service

1. Regular web hosting

It is typically divided into three categories – cloud shared hosting, virtual private server and dedicated hosting. Thousands of different sites working on different platforms including WordPress share server space. Regular hosting service also offers WordPress site building tools and apps but they also provide builders and applications for other platforms as well. Similarly, the regular web hosting service provides support and solutions for all platforms including WordPress.

Conclusion: Regular web hosting service accommodates the needs of all platforms including WordPress. It can’t be specific hence unsuitable for WordPress specific issues.

2. WordPress hosting

Like a regular web hosting service, WordPress also has different categories and levels. For example, it has shared WordPress hosting where your WP site will be kept with thousands of other sites but here the other sites would also be based on WordPress platform. Also, the service and support will be tailored to suit accommodate the specific features of WordPress. The entire setup would be so optimized that it maximizes the performance of WordPress sites.

Advantages of WordPress hosting

1. Increased scalability

It is the most important factor in the website business. It stands for how a site responds to the sudden traffic spike due to a discount offer or seasonal sale. Once your WP site gains traction, it would require more power to run smoothly. Regular hosting service could accommodate your basic needs but it is doubtful that it would be helpful in increasing the scalability of your WP site.

2. Improved site security

It is futile to think of a website sans security features but what matters most is whether the features are specific to website needs. In your case, it is WordPress. The security features provided by the server should address the concerns of your website. Here WordPress hosting scores high on its regular counterpart.

3. Automatic backup

Having regular backup could provide big relief especially during serious server problems. Choosing WordPress hosting would solve your backup problem forever. The server would take daily backup of your site to keep it running all the time.

4. Regular updates

Traditional shared hosting won’t be able to update the plugins and core files of your WP site but specialized WordPress hosting would provide the latest versions of plugins so that you don’t have to compromise on technology.