Creating a great e commerce website!

By Aussie WebHost | Posted in E-commerce

Although there are no universal design options or features that can guarantee success to your online store, here we focus on some essential points you should keep in mind when creating your online shopping cart.

Online store created to actually sell

Sounds weird right? It is funny but there are stores that look great but have been designed without a single thought on making sales. They may attract visitors by their initial looks offer an extremely poor experience when it comes to shopping. You want people to buy from your online store right? Ensure that the design of your storefront focuses on this.

Clarity in product display

Your shopping cart should have a list or grid display of product categories available on your e commerce site. The idea is to make shopping convenient and enjoyable for the prospective customer.

A logo that speaks about your brand

A logo is what helps customers identify you and acts as an element of trust for your company. A simple online store can do with a great logo, lovely image or video related to the product and a big “BUY” button.

Convincing visitors to make online purchases

When buying online, people are often skeptical about the security of the purchase process, SSL, methods of payment, delivery and warranty issues. It is important that your website has appropriate information and all such pages are linked from your home page. This also minimizes number of support requests and addresses pre-sale help needs.

Special Deals & Freebies

It is important that your online store attracts and appeals to the visitor at the very first glance. Remember it is all about luring your prospect during this crucial time period, and nothing attracts visitors more than deals and freebies. Tempting promises and exclusive prices excite visitors to spend. Try positioning eye-catching banners with special discounts and offers on the upper section of the home page of your online store.

Popular & New Products on the Home Page

New & Trending products should always find a place on your home page. Try focusing on making the online shopping experience as comfortable and exciting for your customers as you can!

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