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Managing SSL Certificates

8th November 2012

What Is SSL Certificate And Why We Need This?

SSL (Secured Socket Layer) certificates are used to ensure and establish a secure communication protocol between the web-server and the web browsers. These certificates are used to protect any computer or computerized system free from the threat of unwanted, malicious, and harmful programs. Both individuals and businesses are suggested to browse websites having SSL certificates, and it may not possible for many businesses to confirm the security of their business information and client’s data without browsing the online places with SSL certificates. Online transactions and e-businesses are mostly depending on SSL certified browsing facilities as they are bound to have secured communication protocol for their business.

How to Manage SSL Certificates?

Managing SSL certificate is an essential task in order to confirm a secure communication and online transaction. You need to know exactly where you have these certificates so that you can manage the certificates as per your requirement. Many people are using certificate discovery tools to find and get the details of their SSL certificate. You can know about the location, key size, validity period and expiration date of those certificates by using certificate discovery tool. It is important that, you also check the certificate of the discovery tool in order to avoid any breach in your security system while you are managing the certificates.

After finding out the certificates, you need to perform some regular check to get the status of those certificates. You need to make it sure that all the certificates are installed in a proper manner and the appropriate place. Authentication and encryption are two other important issues which you also need to consider while managing those certificates. It is suggested that you check whether your certificates have the right level of authentication and encryption or not. Displaying the trusted signs or security seals on the right pages are other important part of managing the certificates. If there are any unauthorized certificates, then you must take proper initiatives to manage those certificates, as well.

A well defined administrative process is also very important which can help you managing SSL certificates. You need to set up alerts with the automated monitoring process of your system so that you can know if available certificates of your system dropped below the alarming level. Introducing rapid SSL also helps the system administrators to deal with the certificates without having any problem. A regular report generating process will also help you to get updated information about those certificates. These reports will also help you to about when you need to edit, replace or renew any particular certificate of the system.

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