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Fixing Exact Match Domain Algorithm Changes

12th October 2012

If you have a domain name that is featured by exact-match keywords to reap the benefits of search engine optimisation, it is time that you start on a fixing spree as Google would now not be giving higher ranks to low quality exact-match domains. However, a site with an exact match domain but with authoritative, reputed, and quality content would continue to rank higher in search engine result pages despite a change in algorithms.

It is believed that this algorithm change would be affecting 0.6 percent of English-US queries, according to Google’s senior engineer Matt Cutts. Not related to Panda (to fight against low-quality content) and Penguin (to fight against web-spam) updates, the exact-match domain update would target websites with keywords that exactly match the search query. With the exact-match domain update, Google intends to raise the bar of website quality while reducing the occurrence of spam.

However, the negative effects of this update can be countered to a significant extent by making the website more active on social networking sites and posting unique, fresh, and appealing content few times a week, sometimes with links back to the website pages. Webmasters may even try out the idea of slowly building quality links to website from quality and authoritative sites (one-way, high quality links through ethical methods). Moreover, it is highly recommended that webmasters should emphasize on page quality, off-site value, domain authority, and keyword relevance. It is also important that you understand the intent of the exact match domain update and conduct a visibility analysis on the targeted keywords to ensure that there is not a significant drop in their visibility.

So if you are running or managing a website that is lower on useful, fresh, or appealing content and characterized by a low-quality inbound link profile, it is time for you to hire the services of a reputed industry expert SEO company like an online marketing services Sydney-based company. By hiring the services of a professional search engine optimisation company, it would be easy for you to “reclaim” your online presence or venture into the online world with an exact match domain that works just as you expected. The SEO company would formulate and implement ethical and smart marketing strategies to boost the online presence of your business in more than just a way and you can always be assured of good results in search engine result pages and even improved page ranking.

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